Water Damage Classifications

Our technicians have been trained to tell the difference between all the classes and categories of water damage and form a restoration plan based specifically on those factors. That’s why it’s important to hire a restoration firm like Water Damage Minneapolis™ that has the right training, tools, and experience to handle the job.

Water Damage Minneapolis™ uses Infrared probes to tell the extent of the destruction, as well as air movers, air scrubbers, and different sizes and types of dryers and blowers. We have special hardwood floor dryers and even dryers that are specifically designed for drying subfloors and inner wall cavities. We are well prepared with all the right equipment and have the proper training how to use it, so we can quickly and efficiently reduce the amount of damage, make the required repairs, and return your life to back normal.

water damaged floor

IICRC rates the amount of destruction into 4 classes of water damage

Class 1

This is the lowest amount of destruction and easiest to deal with. It has a slow evaporation rate and only part of a room or area was affected. There is little or no wet carpet, and the moisture has only affected materials with a low permeance rate, such as plywood or concrete.

Class 2

This class has a fast evaporation rate and has affected an entire room. The carpeting and padding are wet and the dampness has wicked up the walls at least 12”, plus there is moisture that is still remaining in the structural materials.

Class 3

With the fastest evaporation rate, class 3 damage means that ceilings, walls, insulation, carpet and sub-floors are all saturated. Class 3 water damage often comes from an overhead source.

Class 4

This class is labeled as specialty drying situations. That means there has been a large volume of water which has caused the damage, plus enough time has passed to let the water saturate building materials with very low permeance, such as hardwood, brick, or stone.

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