If you need Restoration work, now is the best time to make Improvements.

 Home Restoration

Just because your home or business has suffered damage from flooding, a fire or a storm and the insurance company is covering your replacement cost, doesn’t mean that everything has to be redone exactly like it was before. If you need water damage restoration work done, it is the perfect time to make those remodeling and design changes that you always wanted.

Water Damage Minneapolis™ is a licensed General Contractor who is trusted by local homeowners, property managers and commercial business owners when they need a dependable restoration company. We can quickly turn your water restoration disaster into a beautiful, new remodeled home or office building at a fair price. Our experienced restoration specialists will thoroughly examine, locate and document all the damage caused by the flood, fire, or storm. Then we will work with your insurance company to make sure they pay for all documented damage and the required code upgrades. All you will pay is your deductible and the additional cost of the design changes and upgrades that you would like done to give your home or business a fresh, new remodeled look.

Remodeling will give your home the fresh, new look you’ve always wanted.

We’re a family owned & operated business that treats our customers fair.

Water Damage Minneapolis™ values your time, wants to reduce your stress and doesn’t increase the price of the quote we give you once you hire us for restoration services. Mark Mason, the company owner, is in constant contact with our team of technicians throughout every job that we do.

We do everything from the initial restoration work to the redesign and final remodeling details, so the improvements on your home or business get done quickly and efficiently, by the same people that you have come to know and trust. We will take care of all the damages for you and make sure everything in the restoration process is done right and to the highest standards, guaranteed.

Restoration Plans

Improve your home or office; it will improve the quality of your life.

Our commitment to you: On time, in budget and easy to communicate with.

Water Damage Minneapolis™ takes pride in our workmanship and the fact that we are reliable and easy to communicate with throughout the entire restoration and remodeling process. When we do the restoration services or remodeling on your home, townhome association buildings or commercial business; we promise to be on-time, in budget, answer your calls and give you the service you deserve. We also promise to keep you updated with a reliable work schedule and resolve any problems or concerns you have regarding your job before we consider our work finished.

Give your home or office the design layout, amenities and personality that it deserves. Remember, when you invest in improving your home or office, you’ll also improve the quality of your life. If you already need construction work done, this is the best time to make those additional improvements. Most importantly, make sure that you hire someone who personally cares about you and has the skill and the resources to follow through on their commitment to you.

Restoration Services

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