Toilet Overflow

Turn off the toilet’s water supply. Most toilets feature a supply line near the bottom side of the bowl. The line should have a valve. Turn the valve counterclockwise to stop water flow to the toilet. If you can’t locate this valve or it won’t turn, continue to the next step.

Remove the tank cover. Lift the float cup or float ball high enough so that the water stops running. If the water continues to run, turn off the water supply to the house. The water supply is typically located in the basement near the water heater and looks like a valve or knob. Turn the knob or valve until the water stops running. Shutting off the water eliminates the immediate problem of the flowing water, if the problem is a clog rather than a sewer backup.

Toilet Overflow

You need to act quickly to contain and disinfect the overflow water

If water has spilled over the bowl and onto the floor, immediately remove it. Use towels or a mop to wipe up the overflow of water immediately. Be sure to wash and disinfect all surfaces that the water from the toilet has come in contact with.

When you are dealing with more than just a little overflow, you need to contact a water damage restoration firm like Water Damage Minneapolis™ that is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

Don’t chance the spread of bacteria, call an IICRC certified firm

If a toilet has overflowed in your home or business you shouldn’t take the chance of bacteria spreading and causing health problems for your family or your customers. Water Damage Minneapolis™ has met the rigorous IICRC standards for the professional application of special cleaning agents, thorough disinfection the contaminated area, removal of all odors, and the final anti-microbial treatment to prevent mold growth. If the overflow is bad enough that it has spread across the entire floor and soaked into your carpeting or into your bathrooms’ woodwork and cabinetry, then you definitely need to call Water Damage Minneapolis™.

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