Commercial Building Water Damage Cleanup from Fire Sprinkler Discharge.

If you manage a commercial building in Minnesota that had a fire or an accidental discharge of your fire sprinkler system, there could be between 20-40 gallons of water discharged each minute. Over the time it took to shut off the sprinklers, which could have easily been 10-15 minutes, at least 100-200 gallons of water saturated the floors, walls and ceilings of your building.

Fire Sprinkler Discharge

Your First Step is to Minimize the Water Damage from the Fire Sprinklers.

It’s your responsibility to deal with the water damage right away to avoid any long-term structural issues or mold growth. The water damage from a sprinkler system discharge typically includes wet drywall, carpeting, subflooring, personal property of tenants, and the future possibility of mold and mildew.

Contacting a professional water damage restoration firm is your first step to make sure all water damage is addressed and managed by experienced and skilled technicians, to avoid further damage and future problems.

Give Water Damage Minneapolis™ a call at (763) 242-2103, once on the scene our technicians will use state-of-the-art equipment to pin point all the water damaged areas. Next, we will use our specialized water extraction equipment to remove the excess water, so we can start the dehumidification process. This process is critical to prevent the growth of mold in water damaged areas. As an additional safeguard, we also use special cleaning agents that actually inhibit the growth of mold.

Water Damage Mitigation for a Fire Sprinkler Accident in a Commercial Building.

Water Containment: Once we are completely sure that there is no more water that is coming in, we will take measures to prevent the water from spreading to the areas that have not been affected, then we prepare to extract the water by using a pump.

Extraction of Water: We will suck out most of the water by making use of powerful pumps and specialized tools to remove the water from all the crevices, cracks and crawl spaces. When all the water has been extracted, we will remove the remaining moisture and humidity by using industrial dehumidifiers.

Fire Sprinkler Damage

The Next Steps for Commercial Building Renovation after a Fire Sprinkler Discharge.

Inspection: Water Damage Minneapolis™ will find and document all the damage to your property, all visual, as well as hidden water damage. Once everything is documented to submit to your insurance company, then we provide our recommendations of how we can best get your premises back to its original condition.

Checking the Damage: We use the latest technology in infrared cameras, moisture meters and moisture probes that offer quick, noninvasive ways to detect moisture, without having to rely on the demolition of your walls or floors to locate concealed moisture.

Water Damage Cleanup: Water Damage Minneapolis™ will clean up the entire area and remove all the debris. All the things that can’t be salvaged will be removed and we will dispose of all the materials that are potentially hazardous.

Water Damage Restoration: Water causes damage to the contents of your building and can even damage the structure. We will assess all structural components and materials that can be salvaged and our expert team will help to restore them. If any portion of your commercial building needs repair, we will restore it back to its original, pre-water damage condition.

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