Bathtub Overflow

So you started running a bath, then the phone rings and you start talking, completely forgetting about the water filling up the tub, until you hear water dripping down from the ceiling below the bathroom.

Bathtub Overflow

Once the water is no longer flowing, you should take several towels to soak up the excess water on the floor. You can also use a mop and bucket to do this, as any method that allows you to dry up the water quickly to avoid bathroom water damage is advised. If you have tile or laminate floors in your bathroom, try to prevent the water from escaping the area onto carpet, as carpet padding is quite easy to destroy with excess moisture. In general, your goal should be to dry up the water as fast as possible, as standing water may be soaked up into walls, resulting in mold.

Don’t let the damage get worst!

Since the water from your sink and bathtub is safe for consumption, there is little bacteria that can cause harm right away. The threat will develop, however, if a significant amount of time passes before having your bathtub overflow cleaned up. If water has seeped down through the flooring or the ceiling below is wet and stained, you need a skilled team to quickly resolve the problem before it gets worst. Time and temperature allow bacteria to grow and thrive, heightening contamination and water damage. You need professional cleanup, and you need it fast.

Water Damage Minneapolis™ can be at your home promptly with our specialized air movers to dry out your floors and ceilings, plus our high-tech dehumidifiers that remove excess moisture to prevent mold, bacterial growth and the resulting odors.

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